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You people need to learn how to use the feedback system properly. The last two deals this guy did were neutral feedback but the comments suggest it should have been NEGATIVE.

Don't be afraid to leave someone negative feedback. If you're not satisfied with the outcome of a transaction, you have a right to say so.

I also see a lot of comments about "deal was going bad but he fixed it so I changed my feedback". That's BULLSHIT. You're just giving an asshole a good name so he can screw somebody else.

If someone flakes, FUCK 'EM. Protect the other members of the community by being honest. Cause I swear, if I do a deal with someone based on their feedback and I find out later that the individual was a chronic asscan and someone gave them positive feedback after a negative experience, I'll give that person negative feedback for misleading me into a poor purchase.

One more thing - if you're a seller, you had BETTER leave feedback after you get your money. The buyer has done their part and paid as promised. Don't wait until you get your feedback from the buyer when the item arives as promised, as the seller your feedback is not a condition of receiving good feedback from the buyer.
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