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Originally Posted by Cowabunga The Destroyer
It's that durned rap music!

Seriously though... it wouldn't suprise me at all if that was part of it. I mean just look at that unknownwsdm (or whatever they call it) forum. :smack:

Honestly, whats with the hate againts rap? Look at emo music; it can be suicidal and always being depressed. But have you ever heard a case where a suicide was blamed due to emo music?
But whatever, they are kids (even the adult, at heart atleast :???: ), and I remember when I was a kid, I ran around with a .45 cap gun and rifles and stuff. and there were like 20 of us. IMO, can't blame them for playing with toy guns (maybe the adult though =P)

And the mom is just over-over-reacting. i feel bad for the kid, i wonder if he is even allowed to watch Small Soldiers :salute:
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