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Originally Posted by Lotech
Originally Posted by Quaff
If she uses a pistol smaller than the regular issue, it would be the P239. Did she say how many mags she carries? The 239 is a single stack so if she has more than three mags, it's the 239.

I cannot forsee myself ever installing a trigger lock on my airsoft guns. It's not required, useless (I've heard of them being disabled in seconds), and unneccessary. Since it cannot be used to kill someone, I think locking the trigger is overkill. The gun is useless without a battery, so keeping that seperate from the gun is good enough for me.

I work for the OPP (civilian) and have gotten a few officers into airsoft. The thing that worries me is that very few had ever heard of it before. "So it's a lot like paintball?" is the answer I usually get. "Yeah...kinda" is my defeated reply. One problem I see is that the police usually only have negative experiences with airsoft. i.e. some jerk waving it in public.

You'll find that most of them think it's cool.
It could have been the P239 as she said she carried extra mags because her gun only held around 7 bullets. I don't have enough guards for all my guns and I know it is not the law but feel better having one on when showing the pistol to her. I don't mind going a bit overboard on safety. I also re read my first post to see why it got off track and the only problem line was "She also said that went she pulls over people and can see a trigger guard key on their car key chain; she also starts the process of searching for weapons and becoming alert to the fact that you have a gun." So to put it better. When this Officer pulls someone over, she looks at you and everything around you to make sure everything looks OK. If she sees a gun lock key she keeps in the back of her mind that you have access to some sort of weapon. Like a good cop who wants to go home, she will search with her eyes for any sign of weapons in view inside your car. She may even look a bit harder knowing you have access to a gun. She will not open the trunk or rip the seats out or pull her gun and order you to the floor. I hope this clears things up.

At the end of the evening, this OPP Officer knew what Airsoft was and had seen both a pistol and a MP5K. She now understands what Airsoft is and who plays it. I was very happy to educate an OPP Officer on what Airsoft is and present it in a light so that she did not have any problem with it. She was understanding and professional. I hope that the next Police Officer I talk to is as great.

Now let's get together and shoot each other! :salute:
Lotech... you can't catch a break in this place man. The problem being that many users are quick to jump the gun.

Read the post. The first one made perfect sense.

I like the story, and good for you for posting it to reinforce the point of safe handling etc. If there were more things I could do to store and transport my stuff that would make it even more secure.. I would do it. Go above and beyond at all times.

Cheers all.
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