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If she uses a pistol smaller than the regular issue, it would be the P239. Did she say how many mags she carries? The 239 is a single stack so if she has more than three mags, it's the 239.

I cannot forsee myself ever installing a trigger lock on my airsoft guns. It's not required, useless (I've heard of them being disabled in seconds), and unneccessary. Since it cannot be used to kill someone, I think locking the trigger is overkill. The gun is useless without a battery, so keeping that seperate from the gun is good enough for me.

I work for the OPP (civilian) and have gotten a few officers into airsoft. The thing that worries me is that very few had ever heard of it before. "So it's a lot like paintball?" is the answer I usually get. "Yeah...kinda" is my defeated reply. One problem I see is that the police usually only have negative experiences with airsoft. i.e. some jerk waving it in public.

You'll find that most of them think it's cool.
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