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Originally Posted by ToRN
Originally Posted by Lotech
She picked up the gun and immediately pulled back the slide locking the gun open as the mag was not in the gun.
No, she didn't.

Not calling you a liar or anything, but you definately have your facts mixed up.
When there is no magazine in a firearm, the slide will not lock back when operated. You must activate the slide lock with your thumb to lock it back.

Originally Posted by Lotech
She also said that went she pulls over people and can see a trigger guard key on their car key chain; she also starts the process of searching for weapons and becoming alert to the fact that you have a gun.
Totaly false, and an invasion of privacy. A key does not give probable cause for a search, and any officer who preformed a search, and detained an individual because they saw a key, would be in deep, for unlawful search, and false arrest (oh, didn't you know that by law, if an individual feels that they are not free to leave, they are considered to be under arrest?)
When she pulled back on the slide she may have locked it open with her thumb, what I found amusing was that she looked inside to see if there were any rounds. She also did not say that she would pull a gun on you if she saw a trigger lock key on your key chain. Again, I found it interesting that Police think of looking at key rings for that sort of thing to give them a heads up about someone who owns a gun. By the time an officer has to look at these things you are more than likely already giving them probable cause.

Anyway, this entire thread was to talk about how the noob's are saying it is OK to throw a rifle on the back seat and tell the Police to F Off when they are stopped. The point is not to worry about your civil rights and the letter of the law, it is to go the extra mile to make sure the cops know that main stream Airsoft players are safe.


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