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Originally Posted by ToRn
Originally Posted by Lotech
She picked up the gun and immediately pulled back the slide locking the gun open as the mag was not in the gun.
No, she didn't.

Not calling you a liar or anything, but you definately have your facts mixed up.
When there is no magazine in a firearm, the slide will not lock back when operated. You must activate the slide lock with your thumb to lock it back.
You just misinterperated him.

And plus I dont think she means by actually going through the car looking, cmon guys. She is saying if she sees one, or feels it is one, she will probably be a bit more cautious and start scanning around with her eyes to make sure there isnt one, not like OMG THERES A KEY FOR A TRIGGER GUARD GET THE F**K ON THE GROUND.

I dont see how it could get so blown out of context. But whatever.

When I read this when it was posted up, I was glad at least another officer knows about airsoft, and what it really is. So score one for the team. No need to start ripping her apart because of the way things were stated. Remember this is the internet, sometimes we depict on how someone means something by they way the say it

But all shiznit aside, I want some cake.
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