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Originally Posted by MadMorbius
Originally Posted by Lotech
She also said that went she pulls over people and can see a trigger guard key on their car key chain; she also starts the process of searching for weapons and becoming alert to the fact that you have a gun.
Ok, there's something I hadn't thought about. Guess I'll be moving those gun keys now...
Don't move anything. To search someone's vehicle for weapons because you think you see a trigger lock key on their chain is asinine, not to mention illegal. You can't search a vehicle based on a key they possess unless you have reasonable and probable grounds to believe there is a crime happening, or the owner gives consent (which you are not obligated to). And last time I checked, owning a trigger lock key is not yet illegal in Canada. If you're arresting someone and are searching the vehicle already, the type of key they have is irrelevant; you'll find weapons if they've got them. Furthermore, this officer claims to be able to tell trigger lock keys from any other type on a keychain that is presumably in the ignition and hidden by the steering column? This really smacks of BS or just plain ignorance.

Nothing against cops, but hearing things like that is really irritating.
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