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Originally Posted by sniperbay
Interesting story.. sounds liek you had a good convo with her..

On a side note.. if she thinks a TM Sig P226 wieghs as much as the real steel, she obviously has really bad wieght judgment. I thought, first off, that OPP used SIG P228's as I could swear that is what OPP back home (peterborough county) use, and I have handled thier issue and its significantly heavier.. same with a real steel glock and a full metal airsoft... no comparison.. I found they dont even look the same as the slides look very different even from numerous feet away..

anyhoo, enough of my critique.. always good to hear another responsible player promoting proper storage and handling of the equipment.. keep it up
On another side note..I went to a site that talked about the specs for the real steel P226 and it says the weight is 802g empty. I then went ot Double Edge Airsoft and looked at the TM P226 weight which was listed at 802g empty so I think she is a very good judge of weight. The Officer also told me that she does not uses what most of the other officers use due to her hands being very small.
I wish I could have played with a real P226 but the pictures in the manual for the real steel and all the real steel pictures on the net look exactly like my P226 from any distance and angle.



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