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Originally Posted by Greylocks
What bugs me is that these kinds of facts have to be said at all.
Treat airsoft EXACTLY like real guns.
I just dont get what is so freaking complicated about that, or that folks can be that stupid.
But they are, we see that here almost every day.
well one can commonly transport them in soft cases with paintball markings on it and people dont think anything of it.. but for the most part.. I would agree that treating them as real steel (such as when its ok to display/use one, storage, and such) is a good idea. But sometimes some people take it too far.. Ex. I am not locking my airsoft MP5 in a hard case with a trigger lock on it.. its excessive, and I feel I treat them responsibly enough not to warrent it.. The key is displaying them, whipping em out at a party or jsut for shits and giggles is obviously a bad call.. and yes, its a shame that one really needs to tell people that... more pathetic is after you tell people that 1000 times... they still do it... :smack:
Originally Posted by gamz
All religions (Christianity included) have been victim to corruption and greed and war. But the key is to acknowledge that the crimes and attrocities that some do in the name of religion are not the views of the religion itself, but the individuals.
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