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Interview with an OPP Officer


Tonight, I went over to a friends place to have my son talk to my friendís sister who is an OPP Officer. My son has always wanted to be a Police Officer and had a very good talk with her about how to get to be an Officer, University and testing. My friend wanted me to bring my TM Sig P226 over to show him the guns as he will be joining me and my wife in Muskoka May 19th for the big game. After the initial hello with the officer who showed up in an unmarked cruiser, Mark asked me to pull out the SIG 226. With true Airsoft responsibility I pulled out the locked gun case, which I was able to purchase off EBay from an American. The case is from a Real Steel P226 and even had the manual for a real P226/P229 inside, which I kept. When she saw the case, you could tell she new the gun maker well and I made sure to open slowly and let her see the P226 with a trigger guard. She picked up the gun and immediately pulled back the slide locking the gun open as the mag was not in the gun. She had never seen an Airsoft gun before and informed me that she used the P229. I did not know that the OPP used SIG pistols and with her small hands they gave her the P229. The weight and feel was as real steel and she was amazed. Inside the gun case was even a manual for the real P226/229 which she stated did not come with her gun. I think she wanted my real steel manual that came in the case. I had her inform all at the table that if she were to see this in a car she would be forced to draw her weapon. She also said that went she pulls over people and can see a trigger guard key on their car key chain; she also starts the process of searching for weapons and becoming alert to the fact that you have a gun. My friendís sister was great and I made sure to inform her of the effort we at the ASC put in to talking about gun safety, proper storage and age requirement. I feel that it is our responsibility to make sure the Police know we are not crazy gun loving maniacs. Well.. Most of us. 8)
I have seen many posts lately with noobís asking some stupid questions about carrying BB guns and Airsoft in there cars in the back seat or even in their school bag. They have argued with moderators about what the Police can and canít do. Let us put this to rest once and for all. It will not make a difference what the gun is when the cop looks in your car and sees a gun. You will be handcuffed and a gun pointed at you until the Officer finds out about the gun and even then they may still write you up for improper storage. Keep the guns in your trunk and locks on everything. At the end of the day the Office may be the only one going home. My next installment will be the story about what happened right after the P226 when I pulled my MP5K with tracer unit and scope out of the other gun case. :-D
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