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Originally Posted by DannyMac

Come on... are you now going to argue that your 30 dollar gun case with a lock on it is rock solid and some guy who breaks into your car would take it home and never ever be able to get inside? That's like saying that legal firearms owners should be responsible for murder if someone robs their house then kills someone with one of their guns. Who's being illogical now.

Ummm on a slight side note, thats EXACTLY what the anti-gun lobby in Canada is essentially pushing for. When someone breaks into a person's apartment, and spends a weekend cutting through a 3000 lb security vault in order to steal the collection of guns inside, its totally illogical that they should charge the gunowner with unsafe storage. Yet it happened only a month or two months ago in Ontario.

For that matter, read some of the sticky notes regarding legality of airsoft. There IS no straight answer, which is why we choose to err on the side of basic common sense and caution.

The current state of things like gun ownership or airsoft is such that things ARE illogical, and don't make any sense whatsover. It doesn't change the notion that for the time being, until legislation changes clearly addresses airsoft, that the majority of the airsoft community believes in and practices safe gun handling...even if these guns are toys.

If you don't like the answers, too fucking bad. Don't ask a question expecting to hear what you want to hear.
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