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I do find it is somewhat fishy. May of been staged/put on/invoked by the actual press for a story against it since they probably are not going to get a word out of airsofters, nor have a bad account to make any news off of since the real airsofters actually follow the laws set out by thier country.

It's just idiots like this that decide to screw around with something they have no real respect for or knowledge of, tend to screw it up for everyone.

It's like they come across a nuclear bomb, ooo shiny, lets play with it! Kaboom. Reason it went kaboom? Well first off they are stupid to play with something they know may result in a bad kaboom. Plus they had no knowledge about ANY of it, nor the 'rules' when handling a nuclear bomb.

Yay for analogies making people look more stupid than they already seem.

Sad thing is, pretty much all 'press' related to airsoft is all bad. Minus the one thing I saw on TV from my beloved Kiwis.

Hopefully this summer deems good for me starting up a nice 'documentary' type film. For the betterment of our hobby. But thats something I'll leave for later
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