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Danny, when everything and everyone points to yes and you still say no, maybe, just maybe you're wrong on the matter. Think about it, you've been shown the law on the matter, what a cop says is immaterial on the matter. I've had a cop tell me that I could turn left off a two way street onto a one way street at a red light. You can not do this how ever, and I would have been facing a ticket if a different cop saw me and the defence "But a cop said I could do it" doesn't hold in court.

And unless you're crossing the border into canada or flying in from another country your line about being prohibited and cannot be brought into Canada is not applicable.

Transport the gun like it's a real gun, this is common sense. You asked for the advice on that, you were told, arguing against that advice isn't going to change anything and just makes you look like a moron. A 2 point warning has been issued for trolling.
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