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Originally Posted by The Saint
Originally Posted by DannyMac
How is locked in a gun case different from inaccessible and out of sight? In either case he'll come across it first and I'm not going to lunge for it...
Difference being, if a police officer comes across a locked gun case, he'll ask what's inside. If a police officer comes across something that looks just like a real gun sitting at the bottom of a bag, he will ask you, after placing his hand on his sidearm, to step away from the car and keep your hands in the open. He will not check to see whether it's a real gun or not until after you're cuffed, because if you have one, you might have another. And from the information he currently has, you've already broken the law by improperly transporting a firearm.
It's inside the original box though say for example. Real guns don't come in flashy looking cardboard boxes with chinese writing and bright colours on them. Like in the end I'd say that either way is going to get you cuffed and your gun taken in away in most cases.

And if this guy who says that maybe airsoft guns do actually qualify as replica firearms, then they would be outrightly illegal because the Canadian Firearms Center clearly states that:

"Replica firearms, except for replicas of antique firearms, are prohibited and cannot be brought into Canada."

So if what you've just posted is true, then having an airsoft gun in your car no matter how you carry it is breaking the law since you are in possession of a prohibited item.
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