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In the blink of an eye, so cop will not stop to see if it's real or not, he will defend himself from what he sees as a threat to his life. If he were to stop everyone who had what looked like a firearm in his hand to inspect it to see if it's real or not, he'd be dead. He just wants to go home at the end of the day, and anything that looks like a threat to that will be dealt with using whatever means he deems neccessary, including shooting you. Contrary to popular belief, cops DO NOT want or like to shoot people, and most find it traumatic to have to do so (afterwards). Don't put a cop in a potential spot. He has a family same as you that he'd like to go home to.
duh for the millionth time I never said that I'm carrying around an airsoft gun on my belt or walking down the street with it in my hand. Is he going to shoot me to death when he finds an unloaded airsoft gun in a box in the back of my car? I understand what you mean but you keep insinuating like I'm flashing it around in public and whatnot.

How is locked in a gun case different from inaccessible and out of sight? In either case he'll come across it first and I'm not going to lunge for it...
I never once said that are walking around with it, but that is exactly why it needs to be in a locked gun case. Try this one on for size, your car gets broken into. The gun wasn't in a locked case. Some asshole uses it to hold up a bank. Either he or someone else gets shot by a real weapon in the course of that crime. Guess who's on the hook now buddy?!....
Come on... are you now going to argue that your 30 dollar gun case with a lock on it is rock solid and some guy who breaks into your car would take it home and never ever be able to get inside? That's like saying that legal firearms owners should be responsible for murder if someone robs their house then kills someone with one of their guns. Who's being illogical now.
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