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Originally Posted by The Saint
I don't get it Danny. You come to us because you believed that there is the potential for legal trouble in transporting a GBB in nothing but a backpack. We tell you there is and how not to get in trouble. You turn around and try to argue that it's perfectly legal to do so. So why did you come to us in the first place?
Well I'm talking about pellet guns, which legally fall into a different category since their legality is undisputed by law. Airsoft guns seem to fall into a unique legal category which is difficult to determine. I think that it would be smarter for those who actually value the sport to take a stand and push for more reasonable measures rather than clamming up and just accepting all the legal stuff imposed that doesn't make any sense. Again, I'm not saying that you should walk around town with your leg holster on, but take for example a cop searches your car and sees a locked gun case. He's going to want to see what's in there I'm sure. When he sees what looks like a real gun in there is he going to be like "oh well that's nice of you to lock it away" or "where are your PAL papers". If you establish right away that it isn't a real firearm and it's in a box no magazine in side, slide retracted to show that it is unloaded, and you have it somewhere inaccessible to you and out of sight, I'd say that would place a cop more at ease than trying to make it seem like you are carrying a real gun around in your trunk.
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