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Originally Posted by SHaKaL
Originally Posted by DannyMac
I'd like to see the legal papers for that kind of thing. You are allowed to carry air rifles and pistols around in your vehicle however you like so long as they are unloaded and have no C02 in them, and they are way more dangerous than airsoft guns. What the difference between having it in a gun case and having it in a place where it is totally non-visible, unloaded, in it's box, inside a bag or something like that.
No your not... every rifles and pistol should be in a locked gun case when transporting them in your vehicle, even pellet guns

''the Criminal Code requires that reasonable precautions be taken to use, carry, handle, store, transport, and shipped them in a safe and secure manner.''
Not true, I've actually had this checked with a police officer. A air rifle or pistol that fires at <500 fps is not at all considered a replica firearm or a real firearm as one that fires above that speed is. Therefore, you can have it in your vehicle however you like so long as it is not loaded and contains gas in the case of Co2 weapons, obviously it's good sense to keep it out of sight but there are absolutely no legal requirements for you to have some locked gun case for it. That's the fact.
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