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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Originally Posted by DannyMac
honestly guys I'm just wondering, I'm not carrying it around on a holster, but since you always hear of instances of this kind of thing in the media, what would be the proper method of transporting an airsoft gun from place to place? Sorry if I don't have years and years of experience doing this kind of thing.
Experience isn't what's needed. You need brain cells, and basic litteracy skills to read before you post such a dumb question. You should know better than to ask that here. To answer your question before you become fully engulfed in fire and brimestone.... The gun should be transported in a locked case, prefferably in the trunk. It should never be displayed in public. Its idiots that don't do that which are the ones we see in the media. BTW.... have you met Greylocks yet? If not, you soon will... Have a nice day (giggles feindishly)
I didn't say I displayed it in public you're trying to mislead my words around. Well I think this all sounds fishy I'll have to consult with someone who has more legal advice before I make a final decision. Thanks for your help those who actually had info for me rather than trying to make themselves feel big by insulting a newb like me.
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