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Ok say like just on a chance of really bad luck you were going to go over to a friends house to show him your new GBB or you were meeting up with some guy to sell it to after work or school or whatever and you just stuck it in your backpack like obviously not where anybody is going to see it or had it in your car or something like that. Just bad luck strikes and you got pulled over or something or some guy decides that he's going to search you for whatever reason and he find what to him probably is a real handgun. Once it's established this is just an airsoft gun etc. etc. could you get in any sort of legal trouble over being in possession of this thing in a public place? I always get worried when I stick this thing in my car or times when I've sold a GBB and you end up meeting the guy at the parking lot of some mall or whatever. Am I legally doing anything wrong in such an instance?
Simply shakes head!
what do you mean? It's simple question no need to be all sarcastic, I just dont understand what I'd be expected to do? Go get police approval to sell an airsoft gun or hire a security guard to take it from place to place because I'm going to get arrested for having a legal piece of property in public just because people fear the idea of guns? I'm not flashing it around and carrying it on a holster on my belt.
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