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Got my ak-74m (newer batch)

ics 3000 super torque motor

1) New Turbo 3000 Super Torque Motor

2) Precision Cut Reinforced Motor Pinion Gear

3. Precision Cut Reinforced No.1 (Bevel) Gear.

4. Steel Bushing, Made of harden silicon alloy.

5. Low resistance 16-AWG Electric wire.

copied and pasted from they're selling the newer ak-74m batch for 300 dollars for battery,charger,2mags,aeg,1000 0.2 bbs,loader and cleaning rod

chronoed 330 with .2 when i used hopup (stock non upgraded)

no wind and very sunny.

tested it in a war in a field close to my house. 4 on 4 battle and my team won =D

we had


Skye Tokyo Marui m733

Nick 2 ICS mp5a5

Kengo UTG sniper
(i am the oldest in the group)

other team used only 1 gun over 200 dollars and all others were 50-100

the money spent on our guns we're gathered together from my group and took us 2 years to get the entire gun set (including some gas pistols and m11 fauto guns)

i got 400 dollars each year from new years so it wasn't so hard

EDIT: also if i may add i upgraded the stock piston and piston head with guarder poly carb and a systema m120 spring and upgraded the cylinder with guarder lucid head and and matrix gi yand cylinder head.

over all the fps is great and pops full soda cans easily

made a dent in my friends old well r-6
and 2 of his fingers were bleeding (1 from the finger nail) and his left hand's pinky nuckle was bleeding also
(Extreme bloody knuckles)
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