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Originally Posted by Kokanee
...perhaps it is time you learned to work on your own mechboxes? Teach a man to fish etc...

I would emplore you to find someone in your area whom can sit you down and go through the process (I would start w/ v3, very easy to work on) of upgrading a mechbox. The only thing that is really an "art" is shimming, but it's a straightforward (if time consuming) process once you've done it a few times.

Free your mind and your ass (and wallet) will follow! Good luck!
I would love to have that skill, some have a flair for computers, some for people, some for cars, some for jet engines. I suppose anyone could learn but we all have a predisposition to things we like and are good at. Do you fix your house yourself? plumbing? car? driveway? roof? If so kudos to you but not everyone can/wants to do that.

I have no problem paying a fair price for work done on items I own as I aknowledge a lack of skill at fixing things. No one is perfect.

That said the airsoft community is usually kind enough to help each other out for free and THAT is just another reason I love this sport. (or the guys/gals I usually play with.)
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