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People should just be educated.

These people aren't retarded, just mis-guided.

What's too bad too is that they're probably NOT the kind of people who are going to go around shooting random people, or threatening people. They just wanted to go play, and made a REALLY bad judgement call.

I don't know if they need to die for it.
If it's made clear what happens if you go play in the street, decked out in hoodies & soforth, fewer people are going to do it. Maybe they'd even knock on some doors and say "we're gonna go play now"...

Sure, it should be a logical thing to think of BEFORE you go do it, but seriously, if we're being realistic, at some point we're all going to have to admit: There's ALOT of really daft people out there.

You can't stop stupid people, there's too many, but there's a lot of simple things to do to help streamline their pathway through life (and indirectly make your own easier)...

As for "these are teaching children how to load guns"... :roll:

Whatever, bitch. If your kids are so impressionable, why the hell aren't you impressing a GOOD EXAMPLE onto them?
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