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if you plan on sniping make sure you have the etra kit to boot. it's one thing to be a good shot. but to make your self the shot from no where is what makes sniping key. without the ability to look like your suroundings, the use of a well placed shot from a bolt action will lose it's value real quick. you need to know how to hide in a pinch or have a good guillie suit or else you might end up being the one person aiming instead of moving like you should. remember,stationary targets are easy to hit.

in short. sniping is fun. but on a different level then ordinary airsoft. it's the fun of patience, thinking and wit. if this is you, i wish you all the best. but if you want to call your self a sniper by getting a gun that snipers might use. the fun might be taken out of the sport for you. and that sucks

just my two c's
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