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I'm not pissed at you. If I was, you'd know. You made a huge mistake and it cost you.
I bet you wont make that mistake again no matter what kind of hurry you are in.
By telling your story, you are actually helping others; they wont make that mistake either.

That is why I think that a list of people, stores and scammers to avoid should be posted as clearly as the recommended resources are.

If you want to know what I'm pissed at? It's the asshole who screwed you and will keep on screwing others as long as he can. I've fixed my share of guns, mine and those of others, before there was a Doctor's List. Not on it right now for lack of time. Guys like this retard make all of us look bad. Their crappy work destroys the love of the sport for new players.
As much as folks deserve to be known for their good work, they also deserve to be known if they are proven scammers.
Last time I was at Pacific Mall, I went to Kuramae just because I was curious. I knew about them already. Their quote for a GBB was so insanely high I was speechless. I left shaking my head.

You were screwed. It happens. Let's hope it does not happen again. Fair enough?
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