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Ok since the secret is ok I'm going to whatever it. I used to think that their prices were bad but when you're in a pinch to get something I went to them, I got pissed at them for selling to underaged minors but I had to get my gun 'fixed' since there were some major problems with it even before its first game. I had no idea who was an ASC doctor, I read the thread and I saw like a few people who weren't in the area and such, but I didn't want to start a thread to get flamed for asking for gun docs because I'll most likely be referred to that thread again. After starting this thread I found out about a few local gun docs here, I was going to go to 6mm but apperently he's bad too from the PMs I've gotten lately. Greylocks is pissed at my stupidity and I don't blame him hell I'm pissed at myself right now, when I went into Kuramae I knew that their prices were going to be nuts but I had no idea that they were going to charge me for shit they broke.

Side note*
I was origionally going to go to a local ASC gun doc whom was recommeneded by a player I met, however this one gun doc had a really hectic scheduel that I couldn't meet up to so in a way I had little or no choice. I'm not going to mention his name because he didn't do shit to me and I would like to apologize for wasting his time with my countless PMs.

Kuramae total is around $170
ASC gun doc would have been: $100-135 max

I'm not going to call them scumbags based on their prices or workmanship, but I will call them scumbags based on their ethics.
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