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People are just idiots.

And then you get the pissed soccer mom behind it all, just because the people are so stupid to do that, she is attacking the thing they MISUSED and MISTREATED like a bunch of four year olds.

That always happens.

It's like saying.... Lets see.... Some people are camping, soccer mom is sitting on a chair reading. Son asks hey mom can I play with these matches?!?!?!? Yeah whatever I want to read my book on how tom and katie had a baby weeeee. Then omg! What?! OH NOES!! The son lights the forest on fire, then the firemen come, a huge operation costing tons o cash to put this fire out, then in the end the mother freaks out at the match company, because it put her sons life in danger and almost got them killed.

I know its a far off analogy but almost the same point.

I hate all events like this, because they are in no way reflective of the REAL airsoft community, I think it's time people like that see the way we handle minors, and people that pull stupid crap like this. Like cmon. Take responsibility for your own actions. Dont go trying to ruin others' lives because you or your husband or whoever was stupid enough to go play with realistic looking pistols with kids because you had 'cabin fever'...

Is it just me or did the excuse sound completely stupid?

I dont know I'm in a ranting mood today, things like this piss me straight off.
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