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Originally Posted by RSM RecceGod
''barely left the house for days following the scare and is
undergoing counseling, his mom said. In the meantime, Coronado hopes to get the story out to other parents.''

She's gone apeshit!!! Counselling for playing with toy guns! Oh my god are we all MAD!

Soccer mom's...

I have no comments on the action of law enforcement, their reaction was justified... And that store owner need to keep an eye on his employees.

Oh well, maybe if that adult would have been more responsible and kept to their backyard instead...
I think he's getting counselling because he is a child who was searched at gunpoint in the dark by police. Strangely enought I could imagine how that might be traumatic. Hopefully he pissed himself and won't do anything so stupid again.

I am dissappointed the police did not charge the 43 year old moron.

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