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Originally Posted by Travdude
If I am correct I think there homepage is
Section 8 Airsoft is really just a PEI forum for airsoft. I haven't seen Cory on it for a couple of months.

Hax, he never imported guns himself, as far as I know. Everything came from a distributor out west.

As far as Atlantic Armory collapsing goes, I really don't know what happened, and I only live ten minutes away from him. The only sensible advice I can give is to get in touch with him if you're owed anything, and then go from there.

Edit: Yes, what DonKorleone said.
"In a sense, people are so enraged at the Liberal government, that they're giving Stephen Harper and his government a bye. They should take a look at what he proposes."

- Former Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark, April 26th 2004. Reported in the Globe and Mail.

Section 8 Airsoft
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