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Thats what I thought Lisa.

Oh and ToRn, I have a sunfire, I bought a new guncase, I'm not saying it doesn't fit, I was just poking at the thought of it, just wonder what they actual answer from some peoples perspective would be.

But in all honesty, if it is in a gun case in your car while transporting it it is out of the view of people, even toss a blanket on the case if its in your back seat. (Not like your going to leave it in your car, just transporting)

Because I know some cars may not fit due to wheel well size, subs, all that junk, etc, etc.

This would also apply if say the person pulls down a back seat to have it half in trunk to fit it into a small car...

I just wanted to see what the answer may be, not saying she don't fit in my trunk haha.

I just think that this should be clearified for people that try to stick thier gun in thier trunk and are like.. "oh noes, it doesn't fit!"
Just so they don't do something they think will be ok, then get in major trouble with a police officer if they get pulled over.

Well I'm out, have a good one.
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