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problem with atlantic armory//cory rusk a.k.a scammer

Hey, i had bought an tm ak-47 from atlantic amory in november and had not recieved the gun because he wa snot aloud to sell them anymore.. so i told him i want my money back and he says "sure" thats it and 2 months later i recieve a $20 cheque and the gun was $500 then i told him "The gun is $500 not $20 andthen hes like okay ill send the rest then this time he sends $100 then after the $100 he is not in the rcmp and he says he is really buisy and has no access to a computer or anything.. its been 3 months since the last time he has emailed me or anything.. what should i do about this!!

and im not going to cash the cheques yet because if i do he wont have to send the rest..

pleas help me out...

like who actually knows this guy in person he says his name is cory rusk but on msn his name is timmy mcdonald...
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