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The updated list (who's going to carry the stone tablet with this many rules on it - worse, what's the punishment for violating them?):

- Thou shall have forgotten to charge batteries on the day of a game
- Look ferocious in front of paintballers
- Stay out of the photographers way when acting like a knob
- Only ask a question on ASC when wearing a nomex flame retardant suit
- Own a pair of ballistic glasses to sit and look good beside your paintball approved goggles (even if you never use em)
- Always ask for bb's at either the last minute, or when you have no need for them at all
- Hit the ground when you are fired at ... those bb's can kill!
- Thou shall always be "confirmed" in everything you do...unless your ride craps out
- Armyissue shall sell pants
- Thou shall not piss off greylocks
- Thou shall probably spend more on thier airsoft gear then thier car
- You shall ditch the girlfriend on sunny weekend airsoft games and sleep on the couch that night
- Thou shall monitor thyne post count in hopes that it will bring thou some type of glory in thyne own eyes (which it won't)!
- Tru is the one TRU god thou shalt not worship any other AEG gods before him
- Thou shalt not Chairsoft
- Thou shalt honour the GAME day
- Thou shalt call your hits
- Thou shalt not Team Kill
- Thou shalt honour the mercy rule
- Thou shalt not steal
- Thou shalt be Verified
- Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours AEG
- Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours gear
- Thou shall not flake during sales/sells/trades
- Thou shal get shitface with ur friends after each game n tell ur girl u didnt answer ur phone cuz u were sleeping
- Thou shalt not mention ANYTHING from Canadian Tire
- Thou shall learn to read, then thou shall learn to write properly in at least one language

Keep em coming...
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