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Madbull RG108 rifle fired grenade (quick review).

It's pretty nicely built. I like the color and appearance. The locking flash-supressor adapter it came with went on my g36c easily and hasn't developed any looseness since then.

I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that the locking flash hider that comes with it was too short to function on my g36c. I can fire it as the grenade fits over the lugs, but I can't lock it because the foregrip keeps it from inserting far enough to lock. I assume it would work fine on either my p90 or my AUG.

Most likely any gun that has 2-3 inches of space between the rg108 locking flash-supressor and the foregrip would probably be fine. I'm hoping to have a short steel silencer adapter threaded to extend my g36 barrel as thats the gun I want to use it on.

In spite of it not being locked, shooting it works without it flying off the front as long as I'm not pointing it down hill (at least when it's on my g36c). Maybe even better that it doesn't lock as it comes off the lug locking flash supressor a bit quicker.

Test firing: It takes about a 2-3 second burst of green gas to fill it up. I like the spread I get without a barrel. I haven't measured precisely but with 2.0's I've been given the impression that I get about a 15-20 foot spread at 30-40 feet. As the name indicates, about 108 rounds will fit in the barrels past the retention O-ring.

I had a squad of guys duck when I pointed it at them during a game. They told me later they felt a touch intimidated by it. No bb's got through their thick brush cover about 40 feet away.

Nevertheless, the appearance is apparently very recognisable and the intent to fire more obvious with this item mounted over the muzzle opening than an m203. The fact that it makes my g36c look like a bizarre new man vs. alien weapon of choice probably doesn't hurt either. People seem to assume a cloud of bb's is coming right away, and they're right! With this sucker over the barrel, it's the only thing you'll be firing until you take it off so be ready to duck after you shoot!

After each shot, attempts to fill it with gas result in more green gas in the environment and a very unpleasant noise. I was able to fix this by taking apart the grenade and manually resetting (removing and reinserting) the activation valve. I actually have to unscrew the top, remove the activation valve completely, and reset it, this sometimes includes a "chasing after the bearings" phase as they're only held in by lithium grease. Don't try this in the field or you'll be crying over spilt bearings. I find this irritating but it works every time, and I have to do it every time. Maybe this will change when the weather warms up.

For some reason, however, I don't mind doing this too much. I suppose because I really like the way it looks and like the whole lug locking thing. I guess I'm just a lug lockin' fool. Don't lock lugs with me son!

Having used the rg108 in fairly cold weather as well, I found I got decent power on the shot and didn't bust an o ring. Of course that could be attributed to the fact that I shoved it down my pants to warm it up.

"Let me just whip this out!"
Blazing Saddles

I suppose the fact that it quickly and quietly slips on over the adapter makes this warmup more convenient in a pinch as I don't have to load it in a launcher afterwards. I have to confess I've never used an m203 but I've heard people who have indicate it's somewhat limited usefulness makes it a pain to lug around all the time at every game. This isn't.

Quite honestly I probably wouldn't have bought it at eighty bucks, but the discounted price of 50 (lucky early adopter me ) was just too much to resist (a fatal combination of airsoft gadget addict and cheapskate genes) and I find it quite suitable at that price as I don't have to shell out $$$ for a launcher. I suppose if you don't find the problems daunting, and really just GOTTA have a 'nade, this isn't a bad way to go (even at 80 bucks) for that very reason. Me, I like it. that a Madbull rg108 in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Yes (and apparently for many reasons ) PH34r the rg108!

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