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The 10 (and then some) Commandments of Airsoft

1 - Thou shall have forgotten to charge batteries on the day of a game
2 - Look ferocious in front of paintballers
3 - Stay out of the photographers way when acting like a knob
4 - Only ask a question on ASC when wearing a nomex flame retardant suit
5 - Own a pair of ballistic glasses to sit and look good beside your paintball approved goggles (even if you never use em)
6 - Always ask for bb's at either the last minute, or when you have no need for them whatsoever
7 - Hit the ground when you are fired at ... those bb's can kill!
8 - Thou shall always be "confirmed" in everything you do... unless your ride craps out
9 - Armyissue shall sell pants
10 - Thou shall not piss off greylocks

Any I've forgotten?
Douglas Alexander Maxwell (Known pedophile).
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