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It was at a large 24h game in 2003 I belive. Forgot the name.

It was dark and cold. People went back to camp for a party. My side was boring so I decided to join the other team for the party.

I decided it was a good occasion to try my Gen1 super crappy spotting scope and walk the super muddy trails with only that to see where I'm going. I had my surefire as backup, but it's too fucking bright to keep it turned on and it's a night vision waister.

Anyway. I managed to get lost in all those muddy trails. The NV scope was not enough to see where I was going, as the FOV was too small and no moon where present. (IR illuminator is too narow at close range). Imagine walking blindfolded, with only a small hole to one eye to see where you are going. That's exacly how it felt.

So I had to crawl back to my base, covered in mud, cold and pissed at my poor decision. I neved made it to the party, and slept the rest of the night in my car. :borg: :smack:

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