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Originally Posted by TMSteyrAug
Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
A TM spring guide should only run maybe $5 and a metal one WITH ball bearings should only run you about $25-35 tops. If the prices you posted are accurate your getting fucked over big time. The person responsible for selling you those items should be ashamed of himself. There is no way in hell that you should have to pay for a part this individual broke. You know what, I'd like to know who this person is.
Sorry but I think u forgot about LABOR

Traditionally, it's customary for a "labour" charge to be quoted for a whole job. It's not proper form to sit there and charge someone individually for labour on each part (especially when changing a spring guide once the mechbox is already open takes all of 5 seconds, maybe 20 w/ lube (and there is ALWAYS time for lube)) and generally try and rip the customer off.
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