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Doctor breaks spring guide...charges me for it???

I have a small question, I enlisted the help of a gun doctor to upgrade my UTG. The gun had a broken spring guide initially, so I paid the 35 bucks to replace it with a TM one. Today the gun doctor told me that the TM spring guide broke so he had to put in a metal one for $55 bucks. I'm like ok sure I'll pay the extra 20 bucks. He's like no're paying for the TM one too. I'm like its not my fault it broke. I shouldn't pay 90 bucks. So I talked him down from 90 to 75 then argued a bit till I got it down to $65 on account of old business. So yeah I should have persisted to get it down to 55 but I say what the hey its 10 bucks and he did lose a spring guide in the process.

So yeah my question I wrong or was the doctor wrong?
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