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Hmm- at least on Marui ones, then. I've seen some complaints- I assume it's because of that bit taped on a piece of paper.
Anyways, I guess not.

Anyways, Iíve just PMíed Madmax. Anyways, once his new site is up (a couple of days), Iíll be ordering a Propane Adaptor and some silicone oil from him, so I should have some shooting info and stats fairly soon.
Iím borrowing a camera from Jordan either tomorrow or the day after, so pictures will be here fairly soon. Iíll be as comprehensive as possible, and take as many as I can without flooding it (my pictures are highly compressed, as seen in the FA-MAS thread- theyíre of a decent size and 56K friendly). Pictures will include comparisons to other guns, slide locked back, normal, different angles, mags, if it can be used as a bottle-opener, and all that stuff.
Any requests of a certain picture to take, please, post your request here. Iíll do it and post it here as soon as I take it and upload it to Photobucket.
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