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Originally Posted by Aquamarine
It's 3am.... a group of 20 of us sneak up on the Western side of the enemy base (during WestCan II in Edmonton, mind you). We can hear snorring only feet away from us... but we also hear chatter not too far off as well. I radio into my commanding officer (Mankit, I beleive it was) and said "Aqua here - ready to wake the forces?" with a reply, I received "Aqua, you may blow on your shaft." All around were stiffled giggles....


I had brought my 6 foot long Didgeridoo out to the field. Needless to say, it woke up quite a large group of the 'Allied' soldiers.

Anyone else remember that night? There were certainly enough of us!!! Telnets, I'm looking your way since you had quite a few great war stories from that night!

Earlier that night I seem to recall shooting some game admins along with Monkeyman and Zerodelay while we were trying to conduct an arms deal. I think our idea at the time was rather than negotiate, we'd just kill them and take the goods. They kept asking for payments or passwords before releasing the mortar rounds.

Found out afterwards that that particular sub-mission was put together at the last minute to give us something to do (they ran out of ojectives for the rebel team, although the alliance team would have you believe otherwise hehehe ), so certain required elements like "passwords" and "cash" had not been provided to our team commander hehehehe.

Oh, and while it was more day than night, I seem to recall "shaking hands" with Aqua's rifle. You had to be there....

At another night game, had a teammate come under fire. His first reaction was to duck and turn to the side...face first into a tree. Popped the lens out of his goggles.

We were doing an infiltration styled game...sharing the field with paintballers with various pyro going overhead. Pballers represented "indigenous personnel" that both airsoft teams tried to avoid. We were...mostly...successful at that.
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