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It's 3am.... a group of 20 of us sneak up on the Western side of the enemy base (during WestCan II in Edmonton, mind you). We can hear snorring only feet away from us... but we also hear chatter not too far off as well. I radio into my commanding officer (Mankit, I beleive it was) and said "Aqua here - ready to wake the forces?" with a reply, I received "Aqua, you may blow on your shaft." All around were stiffled giggles....


I had brought my 6 foot long Didgeridoo out to the field. Needless to say, it woke up quite a large group of the 'Allied' soldiers.

Anyone else remember that night? There were certainly enough of us!!! Telnets, I'm looking your way since you had quite a few great war stories from that night!
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