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Most Extreme Thing Done (During A “ Night “ Airsoft Game)

Anyone who played a night game before realized a night game is really different from a day game. First of all you can’t see “Sh#t “and all the sounds make you think there are enemies everywhere. I was fighting no one for nearly 20 mins and I was going crazy. The alone feeling and fear really get you. Many crazy things will happen. I just came back from a night game in Ottawa.

I sneaked up on an enemy tower while Roman candle and BBs were flying over my head like night of July 1st, then climbed on the stairs and wasted two guys on the 2nd floor. Then the last game I ran out of the bullets so I grape two glow sticks and start doing RAVE DANCING in front of the enemy fire and running back and forth to draw enemy fire. ( I was told I am a pretty good dancer ) In the end I started to sing “Why Can’t we be friend “ and hold two glow sticks above head while both side is shooting. What is your story ?
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