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To add to the sizing talk, I'm just over 6' and ~175lbs. I wear 36" pants. I have a desk job and my middle is soft, but flat when standing. I got the medium and after adjusting to my size, there is PLENTY of room left to make it bigger.

Question: I have the maritime version, which has the flaps on the sides. As I see it, these flaps need to be pulled up to free the velcro which allows one to put on/take off the vest. How do you guys attach your utility pouches? The wide pouch is too wide to fit entirely on the flap; same thing is true for the narrow pouch & radio pouch together.

Put another way: The flaps are each 4 segments wide. The utility pouch is 6 segments wide. The small util pouch + radio pouch is 5 segments together.

How do I attach these so that the pouches do not "cross" over the flap? (So I can still pull up the flap to put on/take off the CIRAS?) Maybe I'm just missing something.
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