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Originally Posted by gandar
Why on earth would you use 800x600 on a 17" monitor? Besides.... that's like.... the minimum possible resolution for WinXP, 1024x768 being the standard.... God, I run mine at 1280x1024 and I'd run it higher if I could.

Edit: Just to note, I'm not bashing, I'm genuinely curious why you would want to run your resolution so low, I can't even function on it that big.
I know you're not bashing, but even tho I would be able to use a higher resolution on a screen that big, if I go any higher, my parents complain that they can't read a thing because it becomes too small.

As a side note, my 12.1" laptop screen tops at 800x600, I can go above, but I have to "scroll" my screen to see the missing bottom and right side... I guess that really means I should think about changing my laptop.

So far, it does not seem to cause any noticeable problems at 800x600, except the end of the threads in the main menu (threads and replies) I have to scroll to see, but I think that's always been like that for the past 2 years or so... earlier today, the registration box at the top did default outside my screen tho, but that seems to be fixed.

Again, as I earlier stated, it's a good idea for the users who enjoy using full-screen on high-resolution screens. Keep up the good work making this board as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

Grammar nazis can feel free to PM me if they see any typos or other such mistakes in my posts.

It's appreciated and helps me improve the quality of my grammar (which seems to have taken a hit since I started visiting this forum :| )

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