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The craziest thing I saw while in Japan was (with not a word of a lie here folks, I bet my entire reputation - what little there is - on it) was a group of airsofters playing in downtown Shibuya on a Thursday night/Friday morning around 3:30am. I had just stepped out of GasPanic East only to see a group of guys dressed in SWAT gear running up Dogenzawa shooting airsoft guns at some other guys that were dressed in street gear, 'defending' from around the corner.

Fucking hell, to be able to play out in the street in downtown, no less. God I love Japan. Of course, that being said, I'd like to make reference back to Nikotama & where we played out there. Broad-daylight (late morning, 11am) and in a public park with people walking their dogs on path's only a couple hundred meters away from us, some stopping and taking pictures on their keitei. Tons of fun!
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