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I had a guy who was fairly new playing against me sneak up on me in a barn. He managed to get a perfect shot and i caught him out of the corner of my eye aiming at me. I managed to whip around about 120 degrees and put one round into his mask before he got a shot off.
On another occation I was in a firefight through a broken window with a guy with a springer. Somehow between bursts he managed to pop up and put a bb right between my eyes from 20 feet. It turned out that I had shot myself from a ricochet.
I also managed to dodge a 20 round burst matrix style. IE, flipping out and tripping over a log and going flying.

Most extreme: With a friends borrowed M16 and bipod, I managed to take out 12 in a row from a little ditch i found. The last one was a double kill as he dove in spraying and we shot each other.
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