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These both occured at a lasertag facility that allows airsoft as well.

Worst: first game of the night, myself and a few others try to run to secure as far into a hallway as possible since it's one of only three choke points dividing the two sides of the maze. I ran around a corner that I thought was secured already but ended up taking two or three bb's to the face from a few feet away. It surprised me so much I fell onto my ass, but since I hadn't called out I took another few up the arm and neck. I don't really know why but instead of saying anything I tried to get up to get out of the way, so he shot me several more times in the chest, legs and groin while shouting at me to call myself hit. I finally shook off my confusion and called hit, but I was pretty sore.

Best: A Teammate and I joined with and followed three guys around the maze for about 5 min talking with them and such before I realized we were assaulting our teams base. A quick couple of bursts from behind from his M11 and my G23F killed and highly confused them all. After explaining, they left the field. unfortunately another member of their team heard the conversation from around the corner, so as his teammates were leaving he popped out and held an M4 to my chest and a pistol to my teamates and called mercy. We commended him and took the kill.
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