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Originally Posted by Dozer_01
Hmm, i got thinkin'. Golf balls have dimples in them. Aparently they produce a reduction in drag. Wondering if this would actually benefit in airsoft....

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Been discussed, no. Someone on Airsoft Retreat asked once, and it's just not practical due to the light weight of BBs (compared to golf balls) and that golf balls are lobbed (as opposed to going horizontal to the ground). Drag reduction is accomplished by having air reside in the dimples therefore reducing the disruption of the laminar airflow around the surface of the ball (let's just say it acts like "airgrease", as well as reducing the "vacuum" effects behind the ball), somewhat in the way that winglets on large airliners works (reduces drag caused by a vortex created by the wing tip that fucks up the boundary layer at the wing tip). At least a backspin occurs in golf and airsoft, so the two can have something in common.
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