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The whole thing with no CDN network doing a decent length documentary on airsoft I think is just like how the host described it in the first video. The CDN airsoft community tend to keep a low profile of our sport to "please" soccer moms acorss the country and prevent immature kids out of the sport kind of makes it a paradox. On one hand we would like social acceptance on the sport, on the other, we make it a somewhat isolated group to prevent airsoft abuse. So pretty tough to find the perfect balance of those.

I too has fallen to the paradox, it would be great to have the sport open, having more player, much like in Japan and HK (With tons of stores and plenty of field), but on the other hand, I don't want the sport to be banned because of some idiots out there deciding to carry out drive-by shooting.

But just one really cool thought, imagine airsoft becoming a new sport broadcasted on TSN or Sportsnet. It would create some pretty good popularity and general acceptance to the sport. Though I don't think it would ever happen unless Americans decide they are tired of baseball, football, hockey and the growing soccer leagues. (Hey, I would rather watch an airsoft game on TSN than the fishing shows they have in the summer.)
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