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Originally Posted by longshot
I have a number of friends who have experience with Airsoft games around the Asia Pacific region mainly Hong Kong. I heard story of a whole team of players travel by subway to go to a game with their army uniform, and lots of Airsoft gun bags lying around. Players’ going to a game not only to play a game but is an opportunity to show off their ‘piece’ proudly to their pears. Also many players taking the game a little too seriously and is not unusual to see players ended up in fist fights which spoil the fun of a game. They also have a higher FPS limited which contributed to higher incidents of player injuries…to sum it all up I personally would prefer the Canadian style of airsoft games. Airsoft players in Asia have a definite advantage of easy access on getting everything they need to enhance the level of their games…this is something we envy a great deal in Canada.

The fps is getting lower now. Hardly find a game for High fps now. :sad:
Not many ppls showing off their gears unless it is a really big games.

For me i want to try airsoft in canada, but too bad all my gears and guns are in Hong Kong and hard to import to canada. the main problem for me is hard to find a good gunsmith here, may be airsoft was not popular in here b4.

The culture is different too, here ppls like using low cap mag ( more ppls start using lowcap mag in H.K, but still not that popular)
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