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I think you're best bet, just to take it safely is get someone who has lots of contacts and the contacts can try to work something out which makes one less thing to worry about. Then theres the problem about regular people. Sound proofing and shutting the blinds would help but what about heat? is there a ventilation system that can cool the school off if things get too hot? so you might have to open some windows. With sound proofing something that can reduce sound not dramatically but somewhat is putting a blanket over a window leaving an "air pocket". I don't know if you get what i mean but basically it works the same as double glassed windows which trap heat in them. Except it "traps" the sound and reduces the amount of noise going outside.

Bottomline, I still think you should put more thinking into this plan longer and it should be more enjoyable and the chances of getting into shit is reduced.
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