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Hey Greylocks, I wonder if Terry Mathews is still looking for people to "lease" some of all those buildings he's built around Ottawa for the high tech community. Some of em are high rises. That'd be fun to get a level on. All the windows are tinted so you'd just have to keep the lights to a minimum and low at night not to let people see in during night games. Could open it up like an indoor laser tag feild!But have Airsoft let in! Cost quite a bit of quid though.

But the real question for you while the topic of using buildings be it a high school or not right now. I think it was you earlier who said why not just use an old Warehouse. Is there many of those in our area? That are "empty"? If so I wouldn't mind getting involved in the planning and process of getting something like that set up for a big game day during the summer maybe...
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